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Pump Duty Avocado Float Switch - 10 Foot - Normally Open - Wide Angle - Skived Cord Ends


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Other SKU: JGF20W1000, JGF2OW1000

These high quality float switches are designed for pump duty loads. The float switch is as normally open or pump down (circuit is complete when the float is elevated).

The float cord is intended to be attached to a vertical pipe a band clamp, cable tie or tether clamp. As an option the float can be installed with a cable weight as the pivot point.

This float has skived ends, where the insulated wire leads inside the cable are intended to be wired into other system components inside a junction box.

Float with Weight Kit or Float with Tether Clamp
Need a Weight Kit or Tether Clamp?
Click the image above!

JGF2OW10F0 Spec Sheet

  • Competitor Crosses:
    • SJE Rhombus Model: 1002712 (10PMDWOP SJE PumpMaster® Pump Switch)
    • Conery MFG Model: 2900-B8S4-10
  • Operation:
    • Normally Open (Pump Down)
  • Cord:
    • 10' Flexible 16 Gauge 2 Conductor SJOOW (UL & CSA) CPE (Chlorinated Polyethylene) Jacketed
  • Ratings:
    • 13 AMP @ 120/240 VAC
    • 1/2 H.P. @ 120/240 VAC
    • 58.8 LRA
  • Operating Angle: Wide Angle
    • Contacts close @ 45° above horizontal
    • Contacts open @ 45° below horizontal
  • Housing:
    • 3.50" Dia x 5.75"
  • Float Material:
    • A.B.S. (Acrylontrile Butadiene Styrene)
  • Operating Temperature:
    • Up to 82ºC/180ºF
  • Pump Range:
    • 7" to 28" adjustable based upon length of cable beyond clamp / tether
  • Float Switch:
    • Mechanical (Contains no mercury) UL 508 Recognized
  • Warranty:
    • 1 Year

Made in the USA

UL Recognized

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