Tip-Over Switches - TOS

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IMERC State Restrictions'

Due to mercury-added products being banned or phased out in some states, MDI cannot ship Mercury added products (Relays, Switches and Floats) to the following IMERC states:
Connecticut (CT), Minnesota (MN), Maine (ME), Massachusetts (MA), New Hampshire (NH), New York (NY), Rhode Island (RI), or Vermont (VT)

These states belong to the Interstate Mercury Education and Reduction Clearinghouse (IMERC) group, which have these restrictions.

Exemptions are currently being applied for in cases where Mercury Relays and Switches are being used to replace relays and switches in equipment originally manufactured with Mercury Relays and Switches. But, currently, MDI cannot ship into these states.

Mercury Tip-Over Switch

TOS-12 with 1/4" Terminals

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TOS-12-2 (Normally Closed)
Switch Angle 25°

TOS-12 Cased with 1/4" Terminals

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TOS-12C-8 (Normally Closed)
Switch Angle 25°

TOS-12 Cased with Leads

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TOS-12C-L_ (Normally Closed)
Switch Angle 25°

Mechanical (Non-Mercury) Tip-Over Swtich

SP-1431 Mechanical Tip-Over Switch (With Spade Terminals)

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SP-1431 (Normally Open)
Mechanical (Non-Mercury)
Switch Angle 30-50°

SP-1353-L_ (Cased with Leads)

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SP-1353-L_ (Normally Open)
Mechanical (Non-Mercury)
Switch Angle 35-55°

Tip Over Position (Normally Closed Shown)

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See switches for proper angle
15° & 45° Operating Angle Available
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  • SP-1431 (Normally Open)
    • 0.25 AMPS @ 60V
    • 3 VA Max.
    • 40° Tip-Over Angle
  • SP-1353 (Normally Open)
    • 0.25 AMP @ 60 VAC Max
    • 3 VA Max & 10 Ohms Max
    • 25° Tip-Over Angle
  • TOS-12 (Normally Closed)
    • 12 AMPS @ 120 VAC
    • 25° Tip-Over Angle

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