Preventive Maintenance

Routine planned pump maintenance, when performed properly, helps to prevent pump system breakdowns increasing equipment life. We offer customized pump system maintenance and Preventive Maintenance Programs in all areas of Michiana to suit your specific needs. Our programs are designed for each specific application to help prevent premature pump failure and to optimize efficiency thus saving you time and money. MDI pump maintenance programs feature preventative, predictive and customized plans based on your pump application!

  • The advantages for you include the following
  • Save on pump repair expenses: Maintenance reduces costly pump system breakdowns.
  • Increase your return on investment: Maintenance extends the life of your equipment and makes it more reliable.
  • Save on utility expenses by going green:
    • Maintenance results in more efficient power usage.
  • Reduce Liability: We are licensed, insured and our technicians are trained and certified. Safety is our top priority!
  • Get help when you need it: Our Preventive Maintenance Program gives you preferred priority customer status.
Ideal Service Area
Ideal Service Area