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    • Handles stringy and fibrous materials
    • Passes larger solids
    • Pumps heavier solids concentrations
    • Ideal for grit and abrasive solids
    • Pumping via vortex action
    • Solids do not pass through impeller
    • Virtually impossible to clog
    • Ideal for higher heads, lower flows
    • Operate to shut-off head without damage
    • Non-overloading performance curve
    • Dual silicon carbide shaft seals
    • Low motor operation temperatures
    • Continuously lubricated bearings
    • Premium 3 bearing construction
    • Epoxy potted cord entry
    • No wear components
    • Recessed impeller out of passageway
    • Grit-resistant silicon carbide shaft seals
    • Watertight Cable Entrance
    • Strong Motor (U.S. Motor Manufacturer)
    • Solid 3-Bearing Support Rated for 100,000 hour B-10 life.
    • Severe Duty Dual Mechanical Seals
    • Moisture Detection
    • High Efficiency Hydraulic Design
    • 3” Solids Handling
    • Standard Flange Connection
    • Available in dry pit configuration
    • Flows to 650 GPM
    • Heads to 57 Feet
    • HP Range 1, 2, 3, 5, 7.5, & 10 HP
    • Voltage Options
      • 208 / 230 volt, 1-phase
      • 208 / 230 / 460 volt, 3-phase
    • Discharge Connections 3"-4” ANSI 125 Horizontal Flange
    • Motor Speed 1150 / 1750 rpm
    • Solids Handling 3”
    • Impeller Recessed, Vortex
    • Minimum 1.20 Motor Service Factor

  • Watertight Cable Entrance
    • Agency-approved, watertight strain relief cord grips with compression grommets protects outer cord jacket. Epoxy-filled inner cord cap provides anti-wicking moisture protection to the motor even if power cable is cut or damaged. 40' UL power & control cords.
  • Modular Pump Design
    • Commonality of parts across the Keen product line minimizes the amount of parts required for servicing. Heavy-duty ASTM A48, Class 30 cast iron components.
  • Strong Motor (U.S. Motor Manufacturer)
    • Powerful high-torque motor for strong pumping.
      • 208/230 Volt, 1-phase
      • 208/230/460 Volt, 3-phase
    • Slip-Fit stator efficiently transfers heat to cast housing. Class F construction with overload protection in oil-filled chamber for cool operation and long motor life.
  • Oil
    • Proprietary oil ensures industry-low operating temperatures.
  • Solid 3-Bearing Support
    • Motor / Pump shaft securely held with upper and lower ball bearings, plus additional sleeve bearing in lower seal chamber. Rated for 100,000 hour B-10 life.
  • Severe Duty Dual Mechanical Seals
    • Dual silicon carbide mechanical shaft seals provide twice the moisture and grit protection for the motor. Dual seals are housed in a secondary oil-filled seal chamber. Tougher silicon carbide seals better handle sand, grit and abrasive materials.
  • Moisture Detection
    • Seal leak probe signals alarm in control panel for scheduled maintenance.
  • Non-Overloading Hydraulic Design
    • Recessed centrifugal impeller allows 100% performance curve operation from shut-off to maximum flow without damage to the pump or system. The recessed, vortex impeller is out of the passageway of fluid flow, eliminating concerns of blockage or wear.
  • 3" Solids-Handling
    • Clear, unobstructed passageway provides reliable movement of solids.
  • Standard Flange Connection
    • Horizontal, Class 125 ANSI discharge flange.
      • M3RN 3" flange, industry standard 4-bolt pattern
      • M4RK 4" flange, industry standard 8-bolt pattern
3-4" Discharge/1,150 RPM 1-3HP

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3"-4" Discharge
1,150 RPM 1HP to 3HP

3-4" Discharge/1,750 RPM 3-10HP

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3"-4" Discharge
1,750 RPM 3HP to 10HP

The curves reflect maximum performance characteristics without exceeding full load.
Performance curves are based on actual tests with clear water at 70°F and 1280 feet site elevation.
Operation is recommended in the bounded area with operational point within the curve limit.

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