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Simplex AK Basin

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Simplex Basin Outline

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All AK Industries packaged sewage basin lift stations come complete with everything needed for a quality installation. The only things you need to provide are the pump of your choice, underground piping and electric cable. Below is a general listing of the items included with each system. Key structural components (PVC, Galvanized, Ductile and Stainless Steel) will vary depending on the selection you make in the Rail & Plumbing chart in the guide.

  • Simplex Studs
  • SS Discharge Coupling
  • Nylon Electric Coupling
  • 4" Inlet (Adapt-A-Flex or 4" CL Hub)
  • Free-Flo Base Elbow
  • Guide Rail & Bracket
  • Brass Gate Valve
  • Ball Check Valve
  • Elbow
  • Union
  • SS Extension Handle & Bracket
  • Simplex Float Bracket
  • Simplex Junction Box
  • Chain Package (SS)
  • Couplings
  • SS Cross Brace for Upper Guide Bracket
  • Upper Guide Bracket (Galvanized)
  • Close Nipples
  • 3 High Qualitiy MDI Weighted Floats

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