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Barnes Retrofit Grinder Pump - 208/230V - High Head (105 gpm & 142 foot head) - External Start Components


5 HP Dual Seal Grinder High Flow Pump - External Start Components - High Flow

The MDI BRG5-21HE series centrifugal grinder pumps easily handle residential, light commercial or industrial sanitary waste, reducing it to fine slurry. The BRG5-21HE pump is designed for use in pressure sewer applications or any piping network.

The recessed vortex impeller design of the BRG5-21HE grinder pump provides trouble free, non-overloading operation over the entire performance curve.


The modular design provides quick and easy serviceability. The hardened stainless steel grinder assembly provides many years of dependable operation.

Turnkey Replacement Package - Fully Assembled
Simple Fast Installation - Just lower into place!

No Modifications to Existing System
Operates with same Control Panel
Superior Pump Performance
Reliable Operation

  • The MDI advantages:
    • Fits into Existing System - No Changes
    • Eliminates Existing Problems
    • Better Pump Performance - More Flow
    • Reduces Service/Maintenance Issues
    • Saves up to 20% on energy costs

PDF G5-21HE Spec Sheet

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  • The BRG5-21HIseries pump features:
    • 1 year warranty
    • Strong Class F 5 HP motor, 208 / 230 volt, 1-phase
    • 3 support bearings (upper / lower ball, sleeve)
    • Dual mechanical seals (silicon carbide)
    • Internal moisture protection
  1. Triple Sealed Cable Entrance
    Stainless steel strain relief cord grip with compression grommet protects outer cord jacket. Epoxy filled inner cord cap with individually soldered wires provide anti-wicking moisture protection to the motor even if power cable is cut or damaged.
  2. Modular Pump Design
    Commonality of parts across the product line minimizes the amount of parts required for servicing. Heavy duty ASTM A48, Class 30 cast iron components.
  3. Strong Motor
    Powerful high torque motor for reliable pump operation. 208 / 230 volt, 1-phase pressed stator securely holds motor and efficiently transfers heat. Class F insulation with overload protection in oil filled chamber for cool operation and long motor life.
  4. 3-Bearing Support
    Motor / Pump shaft securely held with upper and lower ball bearing plus addition sleeve bearing in lower seal chamber. Long 50,000 hour B-10 bearing life.
  5. Double Mechanical Seal Protection
    Dual silicon carbide mechanical shaft seals provide twice the moisture protection for the motor. Dual seals are housed in a secondary oil filled seal chamber. Tougher silicon carbide seals better handles sand, grit and abrasive materials.
  6. Moisture Detection
    Seal leak probe signals alarm in control panel for scheduled maintenance.
  7. Non-Overloading Hydraulic Design
    The recessed centrifugal impeller allows 100% performance curve operation from shut-off to maximum flow without damage to the pump or system. The recessed vortex impeller is out of the passageway of fluid flow, eliminating concerns of blockage or wear.
  8. Proven Grinder Assembly
    Hardened (Rockwell 56-60) stainless steel grinder assembly has 30+ years proven field experience. The reversible grinder ring and grinder impeller effectively reduces solids into a fine slurry, easily passable in a piping system without concerns of clogging. Highly efficient 17,250 cuts per second.
  9. Versatile Flange Connection
    Combination 2.5 "& " horizontal flange. Industry standard ANSI 125# dimensions.
  10. Barnes Piping Connection (Not Shown)
    Made to drop right in!

Made in the USA

Since 1975, MDI
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