Relay Disposal and SDS

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Mercury Relay Disposal
MDI Inc. will take your spent mercury relays back at no charge. We will take back ONLY MDI relays. You must ship them "Prepaid" and marked "For Disposal".

It is critical that any relay(s) that have been ruptured or "blown up" be handled separately from the un-ruptured units. A ruptured relay will release mercury once it has "blown". Mercury is very hazardous and must be handled properly. The ruptured unit(s) MUST be placed in a separate sealed container (plastic bucket with lid, or can with lid). A PLASTIC BAG IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. At this point, please call MDI Inc. for specific hazardous material handling.

An MDI Spill Kit (MDI Part# SP-1149) is available for purchase upon request.

Thank you for you cooperation in following these safety measures.

MDI Inc.
Mike Brewers
Health and Safety Manager