Relay Disposal and SDS

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Ruptured relays release mercury, a hazardous material. Due to users returning ruptured, spent relays improperly packaged, MDI must institute a new policy. If you return mercury relays for disposal and the box or crate they are in has loose mercury rolling around, there will be a $400 service/clean up fee. Proper packaging would be a sealed bucket, which will not allow mercury to be released.
A plastic bag is NOT acceptable.

For all return goods:
Relays, Switches, Timers, and Floats

Please download and send this form with the goods.
pdf MDI Return Form

Mercury Relay Disposal
MDI Inc. will take back ONLY MDI relays and there will be a $10.00 USD per pole charge.

To return spent relays YOU MUST:

  1. You must call us for an RMA#
  2. Ship them "Prepaid"
  3. Mark the box "For Disposal"
  4. All returns MUST be placed in a Tightly Sealed Plastic Container

It is critical that ALL relays be returned in a tightly sealed plastic bucket or use the MDI Spill Kit. A used relay could release mercury. Mercury is very hazardous and must be handled properly. The unit(s) MUST be placed in a separate sealed container (plastic bucket with lid, or can with lid). At this point, please call MDI Inc. for specific hazardous material handling.

An MDI Spill Kit (MDI Part# SP-1149) is available for purchase upon request.

Any relays returned with out an RMA# will be refused.

MDI Inc.
Mike Brewers
Health and Safety Manager