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2-Vane Enclosed Impeller - 3 & 4 Inch Discharge

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VN Series Non-Clog

    • Efficient operation, non-clogging
    • Pump-out vanes, prevents material build-up
    • Pressure balance on shaft seal for long life
    • Positive pumping action through impeller
    • Ideal for higher flows, lower heads
    • Operate to shut-off head without damage
    • Non-overloading performance curve
    • 3-Bearing shaft support
    • Dual silicon carbide shaft seals
    • Low motor operation temperatures
    • Continuously lubricated bearings
    • Easily replaceable impeller wear ring restores original pump performance
    • Unobstructed impeller passageway
    • Grit-resistant silicon carbide shaft seals
    • Large, 3” diameter solids handling
    • High service factor motor handles tough electrical operating conditions
    • Watertight Cable Entrance
    • Strong Motor (U.S. Motor Manufacturer)
    • Solid 3-Bearing Support Rated for 100,000 hour B-10 life.
    • Severe Duty Dual Mechanical Seals
    • Moisture Detection
    • High Efficiency Hydraulic Design
    • 3” Solids Handling
    • Standard Flange Connection
    • High Performance Wear Ring
    • Available in dry pit configuration
    • Flows to 700 GPM
    • Heads to 67 Feet
    • HP Range 1, 2, 3, 5, 7.5 & 10 HP
    • Voltage Options
      • 208 / 230 volt, 1-phase
      • 208 / 230 / 460 volt, 3-phase
    • 3" or 4" ANSI 125 Horizontal Flange Discharge Connections
    • Motor Speed 1,150 / 1,750 rpm
    • Solids-Handling 3"
    • Impeller 2-Vane, Enclosed, Dynamically Balanced
    • Minimum 1.20 Motor Service Factor

  • Watertight Cable Entrance
    • Agency-approved, watertight strain relief cord grips with compression grommets protects outer cord jacket. Epoxy-filled inner cord cap provides anti-wicking moisture protection to the motor even if power cable is cut or damaged. 40' UL power & control cords.
  • Modular Pump Design
    • Commonality of parts across the Keen product line minimizes the amount of parts required for servicing. Heavy-duty ASTM A48, Class 30 cast iron components.
  • Strong Motor (U.S. Motor Manufacturer)
    • Powerful high-torque motor for strong pumping.
      • 208/230 Volt, 1-phase
      • 208/230/460 Volt, 3-phase
    • Slip-Fit stator efficiently transfers heat to cast housing. Class F construction with overload protection in oil-filled chamber for cool operation and long motor life.
  • Oil
    • Proprietary oil ensures industry-low operating temperatures.
  • Solid 3-Bearing Support
    • Motor / Pump shaft securely held with upper and lower ball bearings, plus additional sleeve bearing in lower seal chamber. Rated for 100,000 hour B-10 life.
  • Severe Duty Dual Mechanical Seals
    • Dual silicon carbide mechanical shaft seals provide twice the moisture and grit protection for the motor. Dual seals are housed in a secondary oil-filled seal chamber. Tougher silicon carbide seals better handle sand, grit and abrasive materials.
  • Moisture Detection
    • Seal leak probe signals alarm in control panel for scheduled maintenance.
  • High Efficiency Hydraulic Design
    • Highly efficient enclosed 2-vane impeller easily passes 3” diameter solids without blockage. The strong ductile iron impeller features backside pump-out vanes, keeping lower seal clean and pressure-compensated for longer life. Dynamically balanced for smooth, quiet operation and long bearing life.
  • Standard Flange Connection
    • Horizontal, Class 125 ANSI discharge flange.
      • M3VN 3" flange, industry standard 4-bolt pattern
      • M4VK 4" flange, industry standard 8-bolt pattern
  • High Performance Wear Ring
    • Assists impeller in providing higher performance efficiencies and prevention of re-circulation losses. Bronze ring will not corrode or deteriorate from liquid being pumped. Bronze ring reduces wear to stronger ductile iron impeller in sandy or gritty applications. Easily serviceable and replaceable.
3-4" Discharge/1,150 RPM 1-3HP

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3"-4" Discharge
1,150 RPM 1HP to 3HP

3-4" Discharge/1,750 RPM 3-10HP

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3"-4" Discharge
1,750 RPM 3HP to 10HP

The curves reflect maximum performance characteristics without exceeding full load.
Performance curves are based on actual tests with clear water at 70°F and 1280 feet site elevation.
Operation is recommended in the bounded area with operational point within the curve limit.