Avocado Floats DPST | DPDT - X Series & S Series

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Unfortunately, this float is not mini, but it does offer the DPST and DPDT options that the other do not.

The new MDI Avocado Shaped Float Switch has the same rating as our standard part number, for the new Avocado Shapes Float please just add a "J" in front of your existing part number.

Example: XF2OY1000 would be JXF2OY1000
See below for a list of our standard float models and basic ratings.

This is our ONLY float with DPST and DPDT options.

For DPST you would have a 4 wire cord that is a and both poles are Normally Open, Normally Closed or even 1 Normally Open and 1 Normally Closed.

For DTDP you would have a 6 conductor cord with 2 poles and each pole could be Normally Open or Normally Closed

Here is our DPDT float switch! We are rising above, giving you what others don't offer!

  • Ratings:
    • 5 AMPS @ 120/240 VAC
    • 5 AMPS @ 30 VDC
  • Operating Angle: Narrow or Wide Angle
  • "S" Series: Wide Angle
    • Contacts close @ 45° above horizontal
    • Contacts open @ 45° below horizontal
  • "X" Series: Narrow Angle
    • Contacts close @ 15° above horizontal
    • Contacts open @ 15° below horizontal
  • Operation Options: Single & Double Pole
  • Single Pole
    • Normally Open (Pump Down)
    • Normally Closed (Pump Up)
    • Double Throw (SPDT)
  • Double Pole (S & X Float Exclusive)
    • Normally Open (Pump Down DPST)
    • Normally Closed (Pump Up DPST)
    • Double Throw (DPDT)
  • Cord Options:
    • 18 AWG Black SJOW
Avocado Series (Gives DPST/DPDT Options)

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Available in the Standard float package.

Mini Float

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SpecSheets PDF File